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AkwaMag develops innovative water technologies to foster human comfort with minimum impact on the environment. As a public benefit corporation, we dedicated part of our profits to develop low cost water purification technologies, aiming to bring affordable clean drinking water to everyone. 


AkwaMag SuRO™ improves urban water (Sustainable Development Goal 6) with ultra-purified drinking water (1), efficient water-use(4), and reduction of chemical & solid waste (3),  even in areas with naturally soft water such as San Francisco. We seek to save our customers 2 million acre-feet of water (1.7 trillion gallons) and 1,000,000 pounds of salt annually, while exhibiting minimum impact to the environment in every aspect from product design through the entire supply chain.


Product Impact

Our softener prevents scaling by passing hard water through a magnetic field to induce the dissolved calcium to become crystals that do not stick to surfaces. Close to 90% of the water softeners on the market are salt softeners that have a low purchase price, high operational cost, and very high societal cost. The remaining market share is taken by premium-cost, salt-free softener brands such as Pelican, Aquasana, Clarius, and Puronics that employ energy or filter-intensive techniques. We present a salt and resin free alternative that is reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective with several advantages over traditional salt (ion exchange) softeners. Unlike salt softeners, AkwaMag enables residential grey water recycling for irrigation.


​Environmental Impact

The environmental footprint of AkwaMag’s products was carefully considered along nine dimensions: product design, sourcing of parts, energy and water consumption, waste, packaging and transportation, end of life, and ancillary production tools. We continue to innovate for the better.


Social Impact

Using our approach to generate soft and purified water will serve the wider community by potentially saving water and reducing harmful chemicals in the environment. We work toward providing clean drinking water that everyone can afford. For US customers, our products will be 80% “Made in the USA” and 100% “Assembled in the USA.” As we expand internationally, we will use as many local resources as possible. AkwaMag aims to develop a strong and diverse work force which will include providing opportunities to those who need it most. As we grow, we will adhere to OSHA regulations, encourage employees to stay fit, and educate our workforce by building a common access library with materials on career counseling, dietary health, and human development.

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