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AkwaMag is a registered public benefit corporation, serving triple bottom lines: people – planet – profit. We develop novel technologies that foster human comfort with minimum impact on the environment. AkwaMag water purification and magnetic softening solutions have gained worldwide interest. Our products are installed on top of building, in semiconductor wafer equipment fab, hydroponic greenhouse, aquarium, in US homes from coast to coast, and more.


We collaborate with NASA in the US for water purification for space use, and Wetsus in Europe to study the scientific mechanism and applications of magnetic softening. AkwaMag won the Silicon Valley StartUp Cup 1st place, and has been recognized by Verge Accelerate (Green Biz), Sustainable Brands, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, National Renewable Energy Lab, and TechConnect World Innovation. AkwaMag was  featured in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the Ecopreneurist, and more.

Part of our profits is dedicated to develop affordable drinking water purification technologies for everyone.

When you buy AkwaMag products, you also help bring clean drinking water to people in need!

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