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FAQ (Magnetic Softening Products)

What is the AkwaMag magnetic softener?
AkwaMag is magnetic water softener invented by a magnetic research engineer with years of experience in magnetic storage and field design, arguably the most effective and reliable product from a scientific standpoint. AkwaMag is the only water softener on the market evaluated by NASA under a Space Act Agreement to adapt its technology for applications on the Space Station.

Does the AkwaMag treat all water in the home?
Yes, the AkwaMag treats the water for the whole house.

What will I see after installing the AkwaMag?
If you replace AkwaMag for your salt softener, you will no longer need to do maintenance, buy salt, or pay for backwash water. If AkwaMag is your new softener, you will see more suds from soap, and cleaner water fixtures, dishwasher, water heater, and other appliances because AkwaMag neutralizes water hardness at the molecular level and prevents the hardness from forming scales.

How does the AkwaMag compare with a traditional salt softener?
Unlike the traditional softener, AkwaMag does not need any maintenance and does not consume water or salt. It cost nothing to run and does not add the salty taste. AkwaMag is the most environmental friendly softening technology available to date while salt softener are banned or restricted in many communities across the US due to their pollution to the environment.

Will the water feel “smooth and soft”?
The water will not feel “smooth and soft” like your salt-softened water. The substitution of sodium carbonate from traditional softeners makes the water feel slippery or slimy. If desired, you can request an AkwaMag special device to add sodium carbonate to your water to preserve the "smooth and soft" feeling. AkwaMag technology does not add any salt or chemical to make it slippery soft. Tap water passing through the AkwaMag just feels like distilled or deionized (DI) or reversed osmosis (RO) water, except for odor and taste.


How to improve odor and taste?

We highly recommend the sediment and carbon filters to remove solids, chlorine, and VOC impurities.

What are other non-salt softeners?
There are a number of products based on reverse osmosis technology for the whole house, NAC (nucleation Assist Crystallization) technology, electrolytic technology, and other magnetic or electrical (electromagnetic) technologies. Of all, magnetic softeners cost nothing to operate and last longer. AkwaMag is arguably the most powerful magnetic softener available on the market.

How powerful is the AkwaMag?
AkwaMag High Intensity MultiPass
Technology (patent pending) is up to 1000 times more powerful than other magnetic softeners on the market. Thanks to its novel magnet configuration, the AkwaMag is as strong as an alternative magnetic softener equipped with 120lbs of high grade magnets or an electrical (pulsating) softener equipped with a 400lbs electromagnetic coil.

How to install the AkwaMag?
The AkwaMag is easy to install just like a traditional softener but much simpler because it does not require drainage or electricity. Generally, it is connected after water splitting off to the garden and before the first water outlet in the house.

What do I gain by switching to AkwaMag?
You will gain space: AkwaMag has much smaller footprint, time: no maintenance necessary means no salt-hauling and feeding the softener, money: no salt and no backwash water cost, helping the planet: sustainable water practice.

How do I replace my salt softener with the AkwaMag?
It is extremely easy to retrofit to the AkwaMag if you already have a traditional salt softener. Join the AkwaMag inlet to the pipe connecting to salt softener inlet. Join the AkwaMag outlet to the pipe connecting to salt softener outlet

What sort of power outlet and drain pipe does it need?
None, the AkwaMag does not require any power or drain line.

What is the maintenance schedule?
None, the AkwaMag is designed to be maintenance free and projected to last more than 10 years.

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