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Many people have contributed their time  to help build AkwaMag, or financially supported AkwaMag's successful crowdfunding campaign. Some continue to guide AkwaMag on the right path. All  of their contributions have made AkwaMag possible! AkwaMag sincerely appreciates their supports, and dedicates this page to acknowledge their efforts.


Together, we will improve the water picture for our next generation!


Crowdfunding Supporters

Donna Baird-Horne

Jeff Brothers

Ann Barry

Huan Bui

Thao Bui

Rachel Burton

Karen S Canady

Anh Cao

Kevin Chang

Chinh Chau

Travis Chung

Tim Cox

Long Dang

Nguyen Dang

Tin Dinh

Angeline Lan Doan

Hung Doan

Lien Doan

Tien Nguyen

Truc Tam Nguyen


Vy Nguyen

Kim Ngo

Hoang Pham

Natalie tn Phan


Dean Roussel

Hannah Russin

Nilesh Shah

Stanley Shimeno-Okamoto



Roy Sirengo

Paul Spinrad

Pat Stovall

Carolyn Theodore

Quy Doan



Hammad Ghuman

Binh Ha

Liem Huynh

Winston Huynh

John King

Terence Kelly

Andrew Le

Johnathan Le

Khoa X Le

Toai Le

Ken MacKay

Joy Montgomery

Hung Khai Nguyen

Minh Yen Nguyen

Peter Nguyen

Don Tran

Hang Tran

Huu Tran


Khai Tran

Thuhuong Tran

Thuy Tran





Charlie Vu

Chuong Vu

Cung Vu

Duy Vu

Hang Vu

Heidi Vu

Long Vu


Student Interns

Stanford University E145 (Summer 2013) Team "Go Global"

Elias Jonsson, Altai Kulibayev, Gabriel Saidon, Pedro Henrique Mendes Souza, Adil Yeskindorov

Santa Clara University

Stanley Himeno-Okamoto, Alaina Lester, Phuong Nguyen



Stazie Ly, Crystal Chau




Stone Hsu

Dick Jacquet

Terence Kelly

Kim Eva Van Keymeulen

Kevin McClelland

Vinesh Mehta

Joy Montgomery

Dennis Murphy


Advisors, Mentors, and Special Contributors


John Crockett

Jeff Cutuli

Doan Quoc Hung

Chuck Erickson

Friedemann Freund

Chris Gioia

Marc Gottchalks

Paul Hauser



Paul Spinrad

Brad Stone

To Minh Toan

Hang Tran

Chris Visaya

Ken Williams




Nguyen Tam Truc

Rex Northen

Raleigh Ormerod

Steve Payne

Ben Pawsey

Rob Rhoades

Carl Sandberg

Roger Shaul

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