Hard Water Solutions

AkwaMag makes hard water easy. AkwaMag High Intensity Multi Pass™  magnetic technology neutralizes calcium lime scale at the molecular level, making it soften and lose its electrical attraction to exposed surfaces. AkwaMag provides two breakthrough products: the magnetic water softener and the SuRO™. Our eco-friendly softeners are commercially available at half the cost of ownership comparing to salt-based softeners. AkwaMag SuRO™ (Sustainable Reverse Osmosis) increases pure water yield to 90% versus the industry standard of 50%, saving water and cost.

Filtration Solutions

AkwaMag filters are designed for long working life to reduce the maintenance burden.


All AkwaMag products are made with NSF 58 or 61 certified components. AkwaMag designs its magnetic units to never come into contact with water. No external substances would be introduced into the water.