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SuRO and Micro SuRO Systems

AkwaMag has recently developed a reverse osmosis water purifier product, SuRO™, which is a proprietary integration of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes with AkwaMag’s high intensity sustainable magnetic water softening method. The system neutralizes hardness at the molecular level, preventing membrane fouling even at very high concentration of hardness. SuRO™ main advantages are:

•          increase RO purified water yield up to 90% versus the industry standard yield of 50%

•          eliminate salt-based (ion exchange) water softening pre-step.


SuRO™ systems are built to purify between 1000 to 100,000 gallons per day, and reduce the cost of operation by as much as 80% comparing to the conventional RO systems. Our systems are installed in a number of diverse applications ranging from drinking water purification, semiconductor wafer fab, cooling tower, to hydroponic greenhouse. Our Micro SuRO™ systems are built for smaller usage: 200 to 500 gallons per day.

SuRO™ technology improves urban water (SDG6) with ultra-purified drinking water (1), efficient water-use(4), and reduction of chemical & solid waste (3), and, even in areas with naturally soft water such as San Francisco.


Please contact us for configuration and pricing information. 


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