If you are looking for a water softener but don't want to haul salt bags to feed it, or don't like the slippery feeling of the its water, or want an environmentally responsible softener, then AkwaMag has the right product for you. 


AkwaMag also carries high capacity carbon filters to remove chlorine, chloramine, and other organic contaminants in your water. Our Sustainable Reverse Osmosis system, the SuRO™, extracts the highest amount of purified water, by far the most water saving and easy maintenance system on the market. All of our products have small footprints to save your precious living space. 


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Softener with Better Quality Water at Half the Price 

AkwaMag magnetic water softeners do a much better job at preventing limescale build up and being more environmental responsible than the conventional ion-exchange (salt) softeners. We don't introduce any mineral or chemical in the water, but use physics to alter the nature of the chemicals in the water.  AkwaMag softeners neutralize the calcium carbonate hardness at the molecular level. 


Our softener have longer working life, cost much less over its lifetime, produce healthier water, and require zero maintenance - truly setup and forget!


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Ever wonder where the white/beige stuff sticking to your water fixtures, glass, and equipment come from? What is the science behind magnetic softening? Read more


AkwaMag has a limited number of hardness and chlorine test strips to test your water for free. Request your free test kit while supplies last!

AkwaMag magnetic water softener eliminates hard water scales at a much lower cost than ion-exchange (salt) water softeners, and far more economical than doing nothing. AkwaMag ultralife filters provide clean water for your homes much longer. Read more

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Save water and reduce cost with AkwaMag revolutionary SuRO (Sustainable Reverse Osmosis) products. Current SuRO systems purify between 200 gallons per day to 200,000 gallons per day. Compact systems for residential drinking water purification (50 gallons per day) will be available in the near future. Read more

Sustainability Impacts

People - Properties - Planet

  • Save water, reduce harmful chemical, Eco-friendly.

  • Maximize impacts with minimum resource utilization.

  • Research affordable technologies for drinking water purification. Read more

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